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Hip-Hop dance refers to mainly street dance styles, a creative form of street dance that consists of various paced choreographed routines. By its wildest definition, it can include a wide range of styles such as breaking, popping, locking, krumping and house dance. It can also include the many styles simply labelled as Hip-Hop, Old Skool Hip-Hop, New School Hip-Hop and Free Style.

Hip Hop Setapak

Hip-Hop dance is a full-body, high energy dance that is suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers, and can benefit people of all ages. It helps build strength, stamina, coordination, and muscle memory. It is a very fun and energetic dance that has become very popular now in music videos, movies and many other types of performances. Hip-Hop dance in present time is much more evolved and complex. Hip-Hop dance is able to fuse with all kind of dance styles, as it is one of the most free expressing dance form with rooms to improvise and grow.

Hip-Hop dance is more about flavor. It is not about what you can do. It is more about what you do to the music.

Using everything from R&B, Old School, Pop and today's Hip-Hop, our class covers the original elements of Hip-Hop. Our class is designed to increase and enhance the technical, essential movement vocabulary and performance abilities of students in the discipline of Hip-Hop dance.

Don't miss this fun opportunity to learn your Hip-Hop skills in our action packed and high energy class for people who live to dance!

This is a fun Hip-Hop classes for ages 5-8 (MINI) and ages 9-12! In this fun beginner class, it teaches the fundamentals of Hip-Hop movement and style to appropriate Hip-Hop music. The classes are exciting with a focus on developing a young dancer's self-confidence and esteem through performance skills unique to this style of dance. Getting your children involved in our Hip-Hop class can provide them with plenty of physical, mental and social benefits.

Duration:1 hour per class
Requirements:No experience necessary

If you have never danced before or tried Hip-Hop, this is your course. This introductory level Hip-Hop class is open to all adult students without any prior dance experience. This foundation class focuses on building technical skills, freestyle ability and mastering the basic of Hip-Hop choreography. Students will be challenged to improve their coordination, musicality and groove. This class incorporates basic dance vocabulary, placement and movement in a specific technique, which in turn prepares you to progress to the more advanced stages of Hip-Hop dance.

Duration:1 hour per class
Requirements:No experience necessary

This Intermediate level class is suitable for both beginner adult Hip-Hop dancers with some basic background, as well as for students with prior Beginner class experience. In this class, students will progress into more advanced combinations and movements, as well as learn more challenging choreography pieces.

Duration:1 hour per class
Requirements:Requires HIP-HOP 1 as prerequisite and upon instructor's recommendations.

Expose and challenge yourselves to different dance styles within the HipHop genre! In this class, the instructor shares his/her own choreography unique to their own styles with the students, focusing more on the exploration of musicality and individual style. Students will gain a better knowledge on HipHop foundation, discover your style and understand your own body in order to allow you to express yourselves freely through body movements. Students will also learn to dance to a proper choreography routine by the end of each term.

Level:Open Class (All Levels)
Duration:1 hour per class
Requirements:With or without experience

Calling all girls! Girl Style dance is a more feminine interpretive version of Hip-Hop while incorporating various movements in the genre of Hip-Hop, New Jazz and Reggae. Have fun and learn energetic moves that are sexier, more fluid and feminine. In this introductory level, students learn through Girl's Hip-Hop grounded movements, body isolations, strong hits and flowing movements suitable for the female body - all with a subtle twist of sexy!

Duration:1 hour per class
Requirements:No experience necessary

Street Jazz is the rawest form of Jazz, blending Jazz and Street Dance together for an intense workout and expresses the hottest moves seen in the latest music videos. This unique style of dance is taken from the classical elements of Jazz, but placed in the modern environment. Basically, it was created to be a "cool" form of jazz incorporating moves from other street dance styles. - See more at:

Duration:1 hour per class
Requirements:No experience necessary

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