Children Creative Movement & Dance Class

Our Creative Movement and Dance program is designed to help children develop their own natural creativity in dance and movements. Through the use of activities and exercises, children will develop their motor skills, musicality, artistry and encouraging them to express themselves in a variety of dance styles, movement games and exercises.

Children Creative Movement Dance Setapak

This form of education will also prepare them to be more receptive towards learning and creating any kinds of dance they would like in the future. Through movements, children will learn:

Identifying their body parts and performing different movements with them (head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, abdomen, hips, knees, ankles, feet, toes):
     • Isolated body part movements
     • Lateral movements
     • Cross-lateral movements

Movements and shapes, for example: curved, angular, straight, stretch, flex, bend, symmetrical, asymmetrical, touch, reach, curl, roll, melt, spring, burst, float, twist, jump, turn.

Developing awareness about the body and the dancing space:
     • Travelling in the dancing space - positions, pathways (straight, curved, circle, zigzag)
     • Personal space - size, levels, directions, focus

Using different kind of energy control to perform different qualities of dance movements:
     • Press: Direct, sustained, strong
     • Flick: Indirect, sudden, light

Music and Time
Music: Beat, rhythm, accent, pattern.
Tempo: Fast, moderate, slow.

Developing awareness about positions and movements between one or more student (over, under, side-by-side, mirror, opposite, in front of, behind). Students will also learn to handle and use props in their dancing to help develop their motor skills and creativity.

Basic Exercises
Basic exercises for dance will be given to students to help them develop basic motor skills to support the creative activities such as step-hop, skips, swing, jump and many more.

Themes are used to inspire students to play and create movements, such as:
     • Bubble - Students learn to explore their personal dancing space and creating a safe distance.
     • Water and Ice - Students relate to the different states of liquid (boiling, flowing, frozen).
     • 4 Seasons - Students learn about the four seasons, the moods and activities of people related to the seasons as an inspiration for dance movements.

In these activities, students will be given some suggestions for possible movements, and constantly encouraged to create and suggest ideas on their own. Interaction is highly encouraged, although there will limitation of verbal communication during the dance activity itself. Discussions and reflections are done before and after the activity itself.

Age Group:Age 4 - 6
Duration:45 minutes per class
Requirements:No experience necessary

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